The Spanish Network for Building with Industrialized Solid Wood will be presented this Friday with the participation of Mayor Lara Méndez, who will report, during the meeting, the construction model followed by the Impuso Verde building and the Multiecological Neighborhood project planned in Garaballa.

Lugo City Council, plus Cuenca and Barcelona, ​​is one of the three local Administrations that promote the creation of Mass Madera, a platform made up of laboratories, architecture offices, forestry, engineering and assembly companies, specialized industries and also promoters, Start Ups and public organizations born with the desire to weave collaborative networks that help accelerate the use of this material as a solution to reduce emissions associated with the building sector.

“Aware of the importance that cities acquire as generators of pollution but also because of our capacity to absorb these emissions, we really understand the need to adopt a much more proactive attitude both in this regard – as we are doing with our urban transformation strategy – as well as when it comes to bringing solutions that combat CO2 emissions, that is why we want to share our experience as the first municipal administration in the entire state to build a public building entirely in wood”, said the councilor.

Méndez highlighted, in this sense, that advances in the use of this raw material in urban areas require stimuli that help break down the barriers that still hinder its implementation, which is why “it is essential for an entity like this to appear that is capable of connect the agents of the sector and the rest of the interested parties to promote synergies”.

Thus, the network aims to coordinate and promote the exchange of knowledge, dissemination and enhancement of a common agenda, creating up to 15 catalytic initiatives that promote the use of industrialized solid wood as one of the few ecological alternatives capable to counteract the current climate emergency context.

Along with Lara Méndez, at the event this Friday, July 8, which will take place at the Palacio de Zurbano, in Madrid, representatives of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​the Superior Council of the Associations of Architects of Spain, from the European Forest Institute or the Laudes Foundation, on the other side of the General Director of Urban Agenda and Architecture, Iñaki Carnicero.