Multiecological Neighborhood

The Multiecological Neighborhood in which the building Impulso Verde is framed will be the first convivial space in which resilient urban designs will be applied to be developed in Spain. With the approach and implementation of this Multiecological neighborhood seeks to ensure an integrated territorial strategy, stimulating the growth of the green and circular economy and promoting the timber sector using wood as a structural element of construction. In addition, it also wants to promote sustainable production and consumption and mitigate climate change.

Planned for 1,200 homes, the neighborhood starts from a low population density, following sustainable growth strategies. The solutions that are being developed in the Multiecological Neighborhood they comprise from the collection of rainwater for reuse, for example in the irrigation of green areas, until the implementation of our own system for reuse of the organic fraction of waste. Urban heat networks will be created in which the biomass in the area will be reused to supply a biogas plant that will be used throughout the neighborhood. There will also be energy saving measures with the simple orientation of roads, green areas or buildings seeking to take advantage of the sun and prevailing winds.

The construction also incorporates a urban vegetation strategy, with roofs and balconies that can accommodate hydroponic crops, solar panels and even glazed greenhouses. Within this framework, facilities that will provide basic food products will be promoted, allowing the population to be supplied. Bike lanes will be installed throughout the neighborhood and paths to promote alternative and sustainable mobility. These spaces will also have green roads and naturalized spaces to improve the quality and landscape integration of the environment.

More than 15,000 trees of different autochthonous species will be installed around it, in a demonstrative plot of about 16 hectares, to show the production potential of Galician wood as a renewable, recyclable product, neutral in carbon terms, high energy efficiency and high quality for different industrial transformations. All as urban and building solutions undertaken in this first Multiecological Neighborhood collect in a Catalog of Sustainable Solutions.

The Biodynamic Plan is a development that aims to serve as an urban framework for the design of the Multiecological Neighborhood of A Garaballa and the Impulso Verde building. This planning includes all the previous documentation, service information and future projections of the project.

Through this page, citizens have at their disposal the complete document of the Biodynamic Plan, with all the action maps and the planning of the future development of the areas in which the project is being developed LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico.

Remember that, if you are a resident of Lugo, you can make contributions to the Biodynamic Plan through this email address: