Urban Forest

Souto Pruning in Winter 2022

Souto chestnuts in autumn 2020

Summer 2020 at the Souto

Summer 2020 at the Arboretum

Spring 2020 in the plantations

Spring 2020 in the wetland

Panels in the plantations

Magosto at the Souto

Birch forest

Life at the Souto

Beech forest

Souto and Arboretum on Summer 2019

Stalked oak


Pyrenean oak forest

Mixed forest

Plantation of aromatic species

Sessile oak

Cherries at our plantation

Riparian forest

Arboretum, March 2019

Forestry, March 2019

As Gándaras wetland

Arboretum, December 2018


Fruits of the Souto, October 2018

Planting Processes

Energy crops

Hardwood plantation

Arboretum plantation