Among the actions of LIFE projects, networking with other projects is included. This action is an important part of the LIFE Lugo+Biodynamic project, to promote the exchange of experiences and good practices between cities of solutions for the adaptation of urban environments.

In this context, on 6 June, a meeting by videoconference was organised between the LIFE Lugo+Biodynamic and LIFE CERSUDS projects, technicians from the project coordinators, City Council of Lugo and the Instituto de de Tecnología Cerámica.

LIFE CERSUDS Ceramic Sustainable Urban Drainage System is developing a sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS), is a project from Valencia that uses ceramic tiles of low commercial value as a flooring filter system, wich consist of a permeable surface whose skin is made up of an innovative system, with low environmental impact. The main aim of this project is to enhance city adaptability to climate change and to foster the use of green infrastructures in urban planning. To this end, it is designing and implementing the SuDS.

The meeting held between the two projects was very productive, showing the progress of the two projects and proposing a collaboration to increase the replicability and transferability of the results of each one. Among other aspects, the demonstrative implementation and experimentation of SuDS was agreed with specific tests in Lugo, in the area of action of the LIFE Lugo+Biodynamic project.

We encourage you to visit the LIFE CERSUDS website and sign up for its newsletter to keep up to date with the progress of this beautiful LIFE project based in Valencia.