The Mayor, Lara Méndez, presented on Friday the book Os Bolechas fan un barrio multiecolóxico en Lugo, by the author and cartoonist Pepe Carreiro, as part of the actions of the European program Life Lugo + Biodinámico aimed at raising children’s awareness of climate change.

In the work, it is Os Bolechas brothers themselves who, with the help of the City Council, who promotes the project, begin to build an ecological and sustainable neighborhood, using natural resources of Galicia such as wood. In addition to the City Council, the Provincial Council of Lugo and the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and the Polytechnic of Madrid collaborate with Os Bolechas, which are the collaborating institutions and administrations of Life.

Lara Méndez thanked Pepe Carreiro for her involvement with this project, “which will allow children to get to know more closely and in a fun way what homes and urban environments should be to make them more ecological and sustainable”. The Mayor spoke about the little ones not only as the heirs of the city model that is being planned, but also as those who should continue with this work in the future.

The multiecological neighborhood that Os Bolechas raise in their story will have its real embodiment in the neighborhood that drives the Life, which will be located in A Garaballa and will be the first in Spain of these characteristics, where resilient urban designs will be applied. The first building, which will be called Impulso Verde, will be for municipal use. The solutions that will be applied in this neighborhood range from the collection of rainwater for reuse, for example in the stream of green areas, to the implementation of its own system of reusing the organic fraction of garbage. There will also be energy saving measures with the simple orientation of the roads, green areas or buildings looking to take advantage of the sun and prevailing winds.

The book will be distributed by Os Bolechas brothers themselves, whom Lugo City Council invited to spend Christmas on the 4th, a day in which they will walk in a funny parade through the historic center, starting at 6:00 p.m., from the praza de San Marcos to Vello Cárcere, where the final party will be celebrated.

In the presentation of the book were also the Councilor for Sustainable Development and Personal, Daniel Piñeiro; Argelio Fernández, vice president of the Diputación de Lugo; María Elvira López Mosquera, attached to the Vice-Rector for Coordination of the Lugo Campus for Research, Transference and Innovation, and Javier Martínez, of the Os Bolechas publishing house.