The City Council invites Os Bolechas to Lugo for Christmas to distribute among the children their latest story Os Bolechas  fan un barrio multiecolóxico en Lugo, where in a fun way they tell how they build homes and urban environments more ecological and sustainable.

The most famous Galician children’s characters will tour the streets of Lugo’s historic quarter this Friday, starting at 6:00 p.m. Braulio, Sonia, Loli, Pili, Carlos and Tatá, as well as their dog Chispa, will tour the streets of the historic center along with their peculiar car, greeting everybody.

The parade will begin in the Praza de San Marcos, in front of the Diputación de Lugo, towards the Praza de Santo Domingo, from where it will continue along the Calle de la Raiña until reaching Praza Maior, in front of the Town Hall, where it will take place a musical performance by Os Bolechas. Later, they will go to Campo Castelo until Vello Cárcere, where the end of the party will be celebrated and the books will be given away.

In the new book by Os Bolechas, these famous characters created by Pepe Carreiro present to the youngest children the activities promoted by the European project Life Lugo + Biodinámico promoted by Lugo City Council, a pioneer in the eco-sustainable planning of medium-sized cities, taking advantage of the use of their own natural resources and strengthening the green economy.

Among the measures to be developed are the construction of the first public building built with Galicia wood, the design of the first multiecological neighborhood in Spain and the development of a catalog of sustainable urban solutions, exportable to other European cities.

The Life Lugo + Biodinámico project is coordinated by the City Council of Lugo, with funding from the European Union through the Life program, the City Council and the Lugo Provincial Council, and has the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and the Polytechnic University of Madrid as partners in its development.