The mayor of Lugo, Lara Méndez, supervised this morning the progress of the works on the plot occupied by the Impulso Verde building, in accordance with the administrative and exhibition uses that the building will have, under rigorous criteria of energy efficiency, sustainability and comfort for the users, but also as a future coworking venue.

“Our will is to create an open space for citizens to host all those initiatives from the different actions of the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico strategy, which link environmental issues from the perspective of training, education, experimentation and innovation, under the protection of sustainability, in order to open the eyes and minds of the many schoolchildren, university students, researchers, families or diverse professionals, who day by day will renew their knowledge in environmental, energy or natural resource matters” explained the councilor .

The works were awarded to the company Ovisa, for an amount of 168,190 euros and cover an area of ​​2,685 m², in a municipal property of 8,001 m², located on Avenida Infanta Elena, near the roundabout 25 de Novembro. Works include the creation of green areas and also pedestrian and parking areas, as well as a bike lane. Also includes the humanization of the plot  in which urban furniture and LED lighting and signage will be installed.

Green areas will occupy approximately half of the available extension, it is planned that native trees will be planted to create shaded areas. “The selection of plant species was carried out jointly with experts from the University of Santiago de Compostela, in order to promote biodiversity” explained the councillor.

A pedestrian zone with draining pavements will be set up, including 7 vehicle parking spaces, of which two will be reserved for people with reduced mobility and the other two for electric models. A bicycle zone, made up of a lane of permeable ceramic pavement – donated from another Life Project CERSUDS (15 CCA/ERES/000091) – which will have specific parking to promote alternative and sustainable mobility.

Lara Méndez emphasized that with all these actions it will be possible to condition the plot, being at the forefront of sustainability criteria. A location that, according to the mayor of Lugo, “will contribute to increasing the quality of life in the neighbourhood, because it results in the comfort of the city and its habitability, while we continue to promote the Lugo brand linked to sustainability, with the that we are already positioned as a benchmark municipality at an international level” he concluded.