Continuing with the project activity aimed at generating dissemination and transfer of results to companies in the sector, yesterday we received in our chestnut plantation the visit of the manager of Viveiros A Revolta from Cambre (A Coruña) and two people interested in establishing a plantation of 22 Ha of chestnut trees in Boborás (Ourense).

During this visit, they discovered all the initiatives included in the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico Project and the experiences and good practices developed in the plantation of the 3.6 Ha of chestnuts of five traditional Galician varieties, grafted on hybrid rootstocks resistant to “ink disease”: De Parede, Ventura, Negral, Branca and Garrida.

Our visitors took good note of the planting system carried out, care, planted varieties, fertilization and the results obtained.

The dissemination and transferability of the project results is one of the main objectives of  LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico, so that the experiences obtained during its execution serve as an example for similar developments, taking advantage of the knowledge that has been extracted from the project