The Flora Catalog of LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico is a resource created by the project to disclose all the species that have been planted and cataloged over the years through the different demonstration actions carried out in the area of action between the As Gándaras Industrial Estate and O Ceao.

This catalog consists of 74 elements, which includes all the species found in the As Gándaras Arboretum, a space of more than 5 hectares that is home to 8 different Galician forests, such as the Riverbank woods where willows, poplars, ash, elms, hazelnuts and hackberries are mixed. The Oak grove, dominated by the presence of the Pyrenean oak and in which we can also find chestnut, rowan and heather. The Mediterranean Forest, where holm oaks and cork oaks coexist with pigtails, holly, strawberry trees, turpentine trees, rockroses and laurels. The Pedunculated Oak Grove with oak, ash, cherry, birch, chestnut, holly and laurel. The Albar Oak Grove in which there are also maples, beeches and alder buckthorn. The Beech wood, in which beech trees grow with holly, yew and rowan from hunters. The Mixed Forest, with the presence of hazelnut, ash, cherry, oak, elm and willow trees and the Birch woods in which cherry, serb and holly trees are also mixed and heather. The Catalog also includes different species of bush plants, habitats for small mammals and different birds, such as gorse and broom, as well as a wide collection of aromatic plants such as rosemary, sage, laurel or thyme.

Each of the 74 files that make up the Flora Catalog collects the name in Galician and Spanish of each plant, as well as its botanical nomenclature, description, uses and geographical location, with the following format:

You can download this Flora Catalog in our section of Informative Brochures or directly through this link.