On Monday, December 28, the contracting of external assistance for the preparation of the “Detailed planning of residential climate comfort zones” of LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico was put out to tender.

The announcement was published on the website of the Public Sector Contracting Platform of the Ministry of Finance. This detailed planning of residential climate comfort zones, corresponding to actions C3 of the Project, will serve to provide the Multiecological Neighborhood with residential areas labeled as Zones of climatic comfort, based on the study of “urban microclimate” as a reference pivot. The final objective is for these Residential Zones to form a “welcoming network of spaces” for citizens in the Scope of Action, given the microclimatic conditions of the urban environment.

The specifications include the contracting of this external assistance, with a total allocation of € 55,000 and can be found here. Proposals can be submitted until January 28, 2021.