In the issue 559 of the CIC Construcción magazine, corresponding to the month of February, we find between pages 24 and 29 an extensive report on the Impulso Verde building and the whole LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico project.

This publication includes the characteristics that will make the Impulso Verde of A Garaballa, a pioneer building, as it is the first public wooden building in Galicia, in addition to all the initiatives that will make up the first Multiecological Neighborhood of Spain, projected in the area of ​​As Gándaras, as well as the work of recovery of the wetland of As Gándaras and all the plantations for the valorization of the native species of Galicia.

The report emphasizes the commitment that the Concello de Lugo is making for the Multiecological Neighborhood, in which resilient urban designs will be applied, an integrated territorial strategy using wood as a structural element of construction and in which we want to promote sustainable production and consumption, thus mitigating climate change. The solutions that are being developed in this neighborhood range from the collection of rainwater for reuse, for example in the irrigation of green areas, to the implementation of a system of reuse of the organic waste fraction. There will also be energy saving measures with the simple orientation of the roads, green areas or buildings looking to take advantage of the sun and the prevailing winds.

The full report is available for free on our website and in the page of the CIC magazine .