This Monday, December 12, the City Council of Lugo received the European Executive Agency of the Climate, Infrastructures and Environment (CINEA), interested in learning about the progress of the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico project. The Agency, responsible for promoting the application of the European Green Deal showed its interest in all the work that is being carried out to stimulate the sustainability of the city of Lugo through commitments such as reforestation with native species or construction with sustainable materials such as wood, promoting energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint.

Laura Giappichelli, member of the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) highlighted that the city of Lugo, through the LIFE project, is being a model to follow in the development of green urban spaces for other cities in the European Union.

Mayor Lara Méndez accompanied the CINEA representative and the rest of the members who participated in the event, both from the Lugo City Council and from the Provincial Council and from the research partner universities. The councilor highlighted that from the City Council of Lugo “we work on the creation of green infrastructures, carbon-neutral mobility, energy efficiency and the use of natural resources, such as wood” and added: “For this reason, we are committed to integrating into our urban planning transformations linked to a more compact and sustainable development, to the creation of green infrastructures, to a change of neutral mobility, to a significant commitment to energy efficiency and to use of natural resources, such as wood, in sectors as elementary for CO2 reduction as construction”.

The day continued with a technical review of the entire project LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico and ended with a visit to the urban forest of As Gándaras, specifically to the area of hardwoods, energy crops, the soto, the Arboretum and the wetland, as well as the Impulso Verde building.