The next days 15, 16 and 17 November will take place in Brussels the meeting “LIFE in the New European Bauhaus“, organized by the LIFE Program, which can be followed in person or remotely and will be completely free.

This meeting aims to present and analyze the projects that are modifying European cities to transform them into sustainable places, inclusive and more adapted to climate change. “LIFE in the New European Bauhaus” will analyze technological ideas that apply the principles of the circular economy, projects preserving ecosystems and promoting solutions based on nature, the principles of sustainability applied to the design of buildings and houses and all those activities that aim to change behavior at all levels of the society.

Among the different activities planned for the three days that the meeting lasts, the presentation “Sustainable cities and districts” in which LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico will be present by its manager, Boris Hinojo , Tuesday, November 16 from 2.30pm. It will analyze the principles of sustainable urban planning, mobility, waste management and the recovery of public spaces.

The LIFE Program and the Horizon 2020 program are known as “The New Bauhaus”, since most of the projects that comprise them are committed to modifying our reality through multidisciplinary approaches, to transform our customs and, with them, improve our present and future.

All sessions can be followed, prior free registration, through the event website.