LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico makes available to all residents the final documentation of the Biodynamic Plan.

This Biodynamic Plan is a development that aims to serve as an urban framework for the design of the Multiecological Neighborhood of A Garaballa. This planning includes all the previous documentation, service information and future projections of the project.

Through the Biodynamic Plan, the urban development of the project is established, which has its origin in the valuing of local wood and the sustainable management of forests. This plan also identifies the set of solutions for the climate adaptation of spaces in cities, with the control of these criteria being the central axis of the planning of the future residential areas of the city of Lugo.

Thanks to this development, projects such as the Impulso Verde building were born and the planning of the Multiecological Neighborhood arose that will be built in A Garaballa and that will serve as a construction model and example of urban planning for the rest of the developments that are carried out in the city of Lugo and for the rest of the cities medium sized from Europe.

Through this page, citizens have at their disposal the complete document of the Biodynamic Plan, with all the action maps and the planning of the future development of the areas in which the project is being developed LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico.

Remember that, if you are a resident of Lugo, you can make contributions to the Biodynamic Plan through this email address: