On the occasion of the Debate of the State of the City Council, in which Lara Méndez made the annual balance of her mandate, the councilor valued the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico program, “which has placed us on the Galician, state and international map as an innovative city in building sustainable cities. The European Commission has just ratified us as an example for other medium-sized cities, and this week cutting-edge LIFE projects highlighted Lugo for its determined policies in sustainable urbanism through the renaturalization and comfort of public spaces, a respectful construction and a neutral mobility in carbon to improve the life of people and the environment”. She also remembered that these actions help to promote the external image of the city in an area “until now reserved only for our Roman heritage, a new image that is not trivial since it represents a strong boost to the city as a driving force and attraction of related companies with the bioeconomy and the green economy”.

“Hundreds of entries in Google also certify this, the claimed presence of the city in national and international forums to explain its experience, as well as the dozens of prestigious visitors who already passed by the Impulso Verde building even before its inauguration, but also students from schools and institutes throughout Galicia. The Xunta also asked to meet him to integrate him into its international project EgurALT and promote wood construction, now following in our footsteps “because we are the first Administration in Spain to bet on wood in public endowments at the regional level,” she stressed.

This promotion of the city brand is accompanied by economic revitalization policies to retain and attract talent and companies and industries with a high social, innovative and environmental impact, through the Lugo Transforma investment fund, “with which we hope to create 1,000 direct jobs, triple indirect in a period of 4 years”. Initiative that wants to match the progress of the Industrial Diversification Board to supply the sectors linked to sustainability, the agri-food and forestry industry and innovation and with support for local commerce and entrepreneurship.