The Mayor Lara Méndez invites all the neighbors today, Thursday, January 9, to an informative meeting on the Multiecological Neighborhood of the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico project. This meeting will take place at the CEI Nodus de Lugo and will start at 7pm.

The aim of this event will be to inform the residents of the As Gándaras area and all the people interested in the LIFE project about the progress in the elaboration of the Biodynamic Plan that will serve as the basis for the Multiecological Neighborhood projected in the new green lung of the city. This meeting will also be attended by the Councilor for Sustainable Urban Planning, Miguel Couto, and representatives of the company that is developing the foundations of neighborhood planning, the Avento-Proy UTE.

This new neighborhood, which will be developed in two sectors in the area of ​​A Garaballa, seeks to guarantee inclusion and social and intergenerational equity, as well as to promote health and well-being through the development of an urban village that provides neighbors with a wide range of uses in the neighborhood: housing, transportation, recreational and community facilities and services, public spaces and small businesses. Planned for 1,200 homes, the neighborhood starts from a low population density, following sustainable growth strategies.

The solutions that are being developed range from rainwater collection for reuse, for example in the irrigation of green areas, to the implementation of a reuse system for the organic fraction of the garbage. The design of buildings will require the inclusion of bioclimatic and energy efficiency criteria, and will have measures for the renewable energy generation, the promotion of sustainable mobility, the use of clean materials and technologies and energy saving, guiding the roads, green areas or buildings to take advantage of the sun and the prevailing winds.

The objective of the Biodynamic Plan, and of the entire LIFE project, is to place Lugo as a European reference in the fight against climate change in urban settings, while promoting a new productive model based in the development of the full potential of available natural resources, firmly committed to a sustainable economy and the generation of green jobs.