Last Wednesday October 5, the presentation of Mass Madera was held in Barcelona within the framework of the EFI 2022 Annual Conference (European Forest Institute), which was attended by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Environment, Miguel Fernández. Mass Madera, the Spanish Building Network with Industrialized Solid Wood, is a platform with laboratories, architecture offices, forestry, engineering and assembly companies, specialized industries and also promoters, startups and public organizations, including the Lugo City Council, Cuenca City Council and Barcelona City Council. Its main objective is to weave collaborative networks that help accelerate the use of wood as a solution to reduce emissions associated with the building sector.

At the presentation event held this week, Miguel Fernández gave to learn about the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico project and its flagship, the Impulso Verde building, which highlighted the use of wood as a structural element in its construction, as well as its ability to become a benchmark when it comes to addressing environmental challenges at local and urban levels.

The meetings of Mass Madera contribute to share the advances in the use of wood in construction in the urban environment and connect the agents of the sector and the rest of the interested parties to promote synergies in this field.