Under the title “Guidelines and recommendations for sustainable construction with cross-laminated woodLIFE Lugo + Biodinámico publishes a monographic guide that includes in 16 pages a good part of the learning acquired over the years in relation to construction with wood and the benefits of CLT. Thanks to the construction experience of the pilot project Impulso Verde, flagship of the project and guide for the development of the which will be the first Multiecological Neighborhood, this monograph includes the steps, technical analysis, advice and evolution of everything the construction process, also collecting information, data, infographics and images step by step in the construction of the Impulso Verde.

This guide, published with the participation of FSC®, an council that certifies that all the forest-based materials used in the construction of the building have the FSC® seal, and that certifies the building with the FSC® Complete Project seal. In this way, the monograph confirms that wood, despite the fact that it has always been present in construction in our country, has become a structural element for the sustainable construction of homes in the present and in the future.

You have all the information on our Monographic Bulletins page and you can download the publication directly from this link.