The proposal for approval of the Impulso Verde building , banner of the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico project, passes this week to the Local Government Board, which will review the new bidding documents for the work.

The mayor of Lugo, Lara Méndez, recalls that this building will allow the added value of wood and other indigenous crops to be developed, placing the city, the province and the community on the map of ecological innovation. Impulso Verde is a pioneering and innovative building that “will be the first public building in Galicia to be executed entirely with Galician wood“, the councilor maintained. “The wood of the structure must be Galician and certified, an inescapable and priority commitment in this project, to demonstrate that in a territory like ours we can not only produce it as the best in the world but transform it into an essential building element for residential and urban uses.”

Lara Méndez added: “We know that the Impulso Verde building will mean a true revolution in the urban construction model, based on the best we have, our natural resources, to minimize environmental impact and improve the quality of life of all the people from Lugo. But it will also be an economic boost to boost the forestry sector in Lugo and Galicia by opening the doors to a new high-tech production model”, she said.

The Impulso Verde building has been designed with a system of lattice eucalyptus lattice structures for use on roofs, and a panel of pine plywood for application in buildings in height. As for innovations, will be an almost zero energy balance property, that will be able to produce its consumption with alternative energy. When built, it will be monitored to evaluate its performance and even detect that it can produce more energy than it consumes. In addition, its construction model will imply a saving in energy expenditure of 74% compared to existing office buildings, and 54% in relation to those of new construction.

This building, one of the main pillars of the LIFE project, will be located in the new Multi-ecological neighborhood that will be developed in two sectors of the A Garaballa area, seeking to guarantee inclusion and social and intergenerational equity, as well as to promote health and well-being through the creation of an urban village that provides the neighbors a wide range of uses in the neighborhood: housing, transportation, recreational and community facilities and services, public spaces and small businesses.