The mayor of Lugo Lara Méndez has supervised this Friday with the press the progress of the works on the Impulso Verde building, the banner of the project and the seed of the new multiecological neighborhood of the LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico. Impulso Verde will be the first in Spain and one of the few in the world that has just obtained the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) project certification. This seal guarantees that all the wood used, both in structures and in formwork, comes from sources managed under strict environmental and social sustainability standards.

During the visit to the building works, Lara Méndez pointed out that “the certification we have just obtained guarantees that the work does not contribute to deforestation and is committed to a local product, while offering maximum efficiency and it becomes a tool for the active fight against climate change”. In addition, she added, “this recognition represents a new impetus to the project with which Lugo is at the forefront of sustainable urban planning and the design of the green cities of the future. It is a privilege to have in our city the first building to obtain this certificate in the country, which encourages us to continue working in this line to achieve new objectives and, above all, to achieve a Lugo more modern, sustainable and resilient”.

Impulso Verde has a “zero kilometer” structure, which is made of certified wood 100% from Mariña Lucense, and it has been treated at the Alfoz and Trabada plants and integrated into CLT counter-laminated panel structures of high technical quality installed these days by the company awarded the project. During the visit, the press was able to observe the progress of the works: the assembly of the structure of the ground floor and the three upper floors has already been carried out, and walls and ventilation pipes are currently being finished, works prior to the placement of the ladder that will begin in the next few days. Next we will proceed to install the north frame and finally the gridshell cover. Once the assembly of the structure is finished, the exterior will be covered with Galician slate, as well as the interior division, partitions, interior carpentry and, finally, the provision of furniture.

Thanks to the award it has just obtained, the Impulso Verde building becomes a new international benchmark in the field of sustainable construction. Other famous FSC certified projects in the world are the Canary Wharf Crossrail Place in London or the footbridge of the BuGa fairground near Bonn. Likewise, the property will also obtain the Green environmental certification or Green Seal. This is a certification that is carried out on rehabilitation or new constructions, as is the case, and that evaluates whether the building meets certain quality standards for sustainable constructions.