Impulso Verde, the first public building in Galicia built with certified wood that will combine urban and building solutions to reduce pollution and combat climate change, will have a green plot in its surroundings that will be conditioned following the parameters determined by the Catalog of Sustainable Urban Solutions GUD Lugo. Thus, this plot that surrounds it will have sustainable urban design proposals both in green areas and in pedestrian and parking areas, with a bike lane area and with the installation of street furniture and LED lighting.

The conditioning works of the plot have just been put out to public tender after being approved by the Local Government of the Lugo Council, with a budget of 180,000 euros and an execution period of four months. In the words of the mayor, Lara Méndez, this plot is designed “as an open space for citizens, to meet and disseminate the different actions of LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico“.

The solutions to be implemented in this area seek integration with the existing environment and will be the following:

  • Green areas that will occupy half of the plot to be developed, where upholstery and aromatic plant species, rain gardens and energy crops will be combined, with the idea of ​​giving continuity to the new urban forest located in As Gándaras. Native trees will also be planted to create shadow areas.
  • Pedestrian zone, where pavements and drainage surfaces will be used.
  • Vehicle parking area in which seven spaces are projected, two of them for electric vehicles and another two reserved for people with reduced mobility.
  • Bicycle area, made up of a permeable ceramic pavement lane, provided by the LIFE CERSUDS project with which we collaborate since the beginning of the project and a specific parking for bicycles. Between the bike path and the existing sidewalk, one of the rain gardens is projected to collect water from the paved surface.

All the information on this action can be found in this downloadable document.